Accident Guide

car accidents

What to do after an auto accident?

You got involved in a Fender Bender, don`t worry about anything. Just stay calm and attentive. Follow this important and simple steps to make out of it easily:

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step by step

  • Step 1

    Check Yourself and Passengers - Before worrying about the car, you need to make sure everyone involved in this Fender Bender is well! If needed, get medication care for anyone in need of it. Caution! If someone is suffering from neck or back pain, don` move him/ her (unless there is some hazard) until medical help arrives.

  • Step 2

    Move Away from Road - In case you have been injured or can walk yourself. You need to get away from the road for your own safety. If you vehicle is still operation, you need to drive it to safe and lit roadside. This way, you can prevent the chances of another unfortunate event.

  • Step 3

    Call 911 - After moving to somewhere safe, you should call 911. Ask them for filing a police report so Cops arrive at scene. In addition, obtain badge numbers and name of responding officers.

  • Step 4

    Contact to NAS Collision Center - Your report has been filed, now you need to contact N.A.S for car towing and repairs.

  • Step 5

    Prepare to Exchange Information - You need to collect your Insurance documents, Driver License and Registration and present them to the Police.

  • Step 6

    Taking Picture - If you are well and can take some pictures, do it for your insurance (if you have any) claim and validate the entire loss.

  • Step 7

    Stay there - If you are well and your car is drivable, apart from taking it to roadside. You need to be with it until help arrives.