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Automobile paint will not be an expensive investment if you are hiring a right service provider. The NAS Collision Center offers affordable auto paint jobs, and a variety of services are offered based on your individual needs. The professional technicians of NAS Collision Center perform auto body repairs and paint services to give a new life to your vehicle. The service may contain different steps like body repair, preparation of the surface for the paint, paint services, protection, accident services, etc. If you want to get the best value for your money, it is important to consider their work procedure. A quality automobile paint service may include:

Body Repair

When you give your automobile for paint services, then there is no need to worry about small dents and slight scratches because these will not ruin your paint job. These parts are covered by the qualified automobile repair techniques because they have unique ways to eliminate all these blemishes. NAS Collision Center Los Angeles presents five step process to provide you an excellent finish free from small dents and scratches.

Surface Preparation

The surface repair is important because if the chips, cracks, peeling and scratches left untreated, then these may become worse with the passage of time. It is an important part of the automobile paint job. It will help your vehicle to receive smooth finish and highest gloss. At NAS Collision Center, you can get all these services because the experts will examine your vehicle and suggest the condition repairs. Your vehicle will get a durable shine that will last for years.

Surface Sealer

You may ever notice that some paint jobs can’t hold their shine for a longer period. It can be due to poor quality paint mixing and use of uneven color and gloss. NAS Collision Center uses a sealer because it plays an important role of a barrier between the old and new paint job. This will guarantee the consistent color and good quality gloss on the entire painted surface. The right choice of the paint and sealer will increase the durability of the paint.

Paint Services

NAS Collision Center Los Angeles professional quality services and the quality of the paint will ensure the longevity of the paint. It can increase the life of the paint, gloss, and enhance the metallic appearance. Color matching is the most critical part of this job, and only a professional can handle this job in a better way. The paint services may include glossy finish, superb color match, resilient finishes, repair of chip and scratches, priming and block sanding of all areas. The service providers often offer a five-year warranty for all services against fading of glass and peeling.

Protection and Finish

A great paint job may be an expensive investment, but it should be protected enough. The service providers often apply clear coats for your paint jobs to protect the paint and enhance the accurate matching of the gloss. This step is necessary for the seamless finish. These are services an important part of the accident services.

Proper Car Care for Durability

It is also important for the durability and good appearance of the new paint. NAS Collision Center’s accurate maintenance will help you to hold the paint and shine for the longer period. It is important to protect your vehicle from different elements, such as:

  • Always park in shades, but not under trees
  • Don’t drive on the loose gravel or sand and salt
  • Wash your car on a regular basis
  • These simple precautions will increase the life of your car paint and increase the value of your investment.

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