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Your car's frame speaks volumes about you. While a pristine, stylish and glossy finish is one of the highlights of opulence and power, a rusty and dilapidated frame is a sign of negligence or irresponsibility. At the same time, with an appealing exterior, your car is likely to fetch a better price in the market should you decide to sell it in future. It's against this background that we as NAS collision center introduced and refined the art of superior car frame restoration services.

We have been in the forefront of offering top-notch auto body repair services for quite some time now, and in the process we have developed ways to combat periodic rust, deterioration, and weather damage. Whether you're looking for a complete overhaul of your automobiles exterior, or you only need some minor dents or dings fixed, you can rely on our expertise to restore your vehicle to its prime modish look.

That said, here's a quick preview of the ingredients of a typical comprehensive auto restoration process.

Sand Down

The first phase of combating rust and stopping any progressive corrosion is sanding down the affected area in preparation for later treatment stages. It's imperative to start any collision repair with a detailed scraping, to get rid of old cracked paint and rust spots, especially if you plan on repainting the affected area.

As one of the leading Los Angeles, CA body shops, we make use of top rate equipment when sanding to ensure that the job is handled in a timely and professional fashion. At the same time, this initial polish up process is done discreetly to avert inflicting further damage to the existing frame.


Fresh painting goes hand in hand with any auto restoration stint. Not only does a new coat of paint improve the aesthetics of your car, it also helps impede any advancing rust or deterioration.
Start by mopping your car's exterior to remove any dirt and debris while identifying any rusty patches. After that, dry the surface thoroughly before using a suitable primer on it. The primer acts as the first artistic coat towards covering up the rust and weather damage. Ensure that the primer coat is completely dry before applying a final layer of paint. Finally, allow the whole framework to dry properly before getting back on the road.
In case, you need above DIY task handled by a team of experts, our accident services have a proven track record of transforming rusty exteriors to lustrous finishes.


Even with a fresh coat of paint, your vehicle's exterior is still vulnerable to future deterioration. That's why a good rustproof spray is needed to see to it that the freshly painted area stays crisp and elegant for as long as possible. For rust-proofing, dab the painted area lightly with a quality rustproof spray, before allowing it to dry for a couple of hours.

On that note, get into a habit of using the rustproof spray on your vehicle's frame from time to time, to slow down any future rusting or degeneration.
Try our affordable Los Angeles, CA car body repair services today and experience the difference!

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